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10 tips for a flat stomach

10 tips for a flat stomach
Too many men and women spend months trying to slim the tummy , only to see the same old chubby belly every day. They can however be achieved by following good advice .

Some of us have been blessed with a nice flat stomach, they can keep without great effort. However, for most of us , it takes a lot of hard work to achieve and maintain an abdomen worth exhibited proudly wearing a swimsuit.

10 tips to have a slimmer belly :

1) Do not eat the remains of other

Eat the crusts from sandwich peanut butter your toddler , chew a handful of candy from your colleagues , drinking a few sips of soda of your friend, and enjoy two or three spoonfuls of ice cream of your husband may seem trivial , but these extra calories add up . But the problem is that they accumulate primarily in the stomach , which helps of course not have a bun strengthened .

Be careful about these seemingly small differences food that many people make every day. If you can not resist the cravings , set a limit that is in your daily caloric needs , and try to stick to that limit. A smarter thing to do is how to completely ban junk food cravings until Whether you have lost pounds and found a thinned belly.

2) Chew your food thoroughly

Eating fast bypasses the signals that your digestive system generates report it becomes full ( in the stomach ) . Slow the pace of your bites and sips gives your stomach and your intestines time to send these messages to your brain. By chewing your food thoroughly , so you reduce your risk significantly overeating and thus swell your belly every day .

3) Avoid eating on the run at fast food

A good diet helps your body to better resist stress . But when you jostle your daily actions not arrive at the airport late or to get to a meeting on time, you probably do not think to take your next meal in a healthy way . Or it will eat healthy if you want a slimmer stomach.

Avoid formulas buffet or restaurants that serve only the buffet. Try some Asian dishes and vegetarian to have a large number of tasty options . Try a grilled sandwich as a satisfying snack on the go chicken. Eat snacks based on complete wheat crackers and fruit on your journey if you know you will only find fast food filled with fat burgers roadside . Eat a balanced before your conference begins so as not to give sweets to the break energy bar .

4) Make regular physical exercises

Three times a week , do some type of aerobic conditioning and circuit training 20 to 30 minutes. Cause abdominal muscles twice a week is more than enough. For example , do your abs every Mondays and Thursdays exercises.

The muscles become stronger and stronger through a process of adaptation . We put tension on the muscle, and then retrieves and returns stronger and better . Muscles do need time to recover. This means that you should not expect to get a slimmer bottle in no time . Perseverance and consistency in the practice of adapted physical exercises are the key to strengthen your lower abdomen . The buoys are not been added to your belly in one night, then you 're not going to either get rid of overnight .

Another reason for the sagging belly is a bad posture. Many people often have sloping shoulders and posture that tends to lean forward. Adopt a healthy posture by keeping your shoulders raised and your back straight when you are walking , sitting at your desk and doing sports. Maintain correct posture during exercise helps to flatten the stomach .

5) Eat only until you feel comfortable

Better to put your leftover food in the fridge to eat in the evening or the next day or even give them to your pets than to put it in your gut. Learn to recognize the signals your body and train yourself to stop eating before you feel your belly too swollen.

Start by eating smaller portions of food and balanced . Consuming food rations more reasonable size , you will make a big step towards a slimmer stomach.

6) Eat foods low in " bad fats "

Fats that are in a food or snacks like nuts or corn chips help you to satisfy. Good fats (like those found in olive oil or canola oil ) can also improve your cholesterol when you eat instead of unhealthy fats for health ( such as saturated or trans fats or highly processed carbohydrates ) .

Remember that excess carbohydrates in your body ( as consumed beyond your daily carbohydrate needs ) turn into fat , and it tends to stay in - guess what - your belly , giving it a look often described as unsightly .

7) Drink plenty of water

This liquid is essential to our existence. Your body is made ​​by addition of about 60 % water , which provides the liquid with the body needs to function effectively both inside the cells and in cells of blood and saliva .

Many people do not drink enough water , and can be dehydrated without even knowing it , especially when they make physical training. You should know that the body tries desperately to retain any water consumed after dehydration (to prevent its survival in anticipation of future water shortages ) . If you are used to only drink when you are dehydrated , you will force your body to do a lot of water retention. But keeping too much water ( more than needed ) your body will swell. This is often seen with a bloated belly .

The recommended water consumption is between 6 and 8 large glass ( 25 cl ) per day. This by getting regular dose of water advised, you will fight effectively against the bloated belly . When you exercise , be sure to sip water before , during and after your workout . Adequate water consumption definitely helps to have a firmer container.

8 ) Eat complex carbohydrates , not simple sugars

If you eat foods that quickly raise your blood sugar (glucose ) and your insulin levels , before falling to just as quickly , it can contribute to weight gain (especially in the abdomen ) . Examples of these foods are white bread , white rice and other food products made from highly processed grains.

Instead , choose complex carbohydrates that produce a quieter effect on blood sugar . Foods that contain large amounts of complex carbohydrates are whole grains such as wheat grains , Irish oats, wholemeal bread and whole to whole grain pasta and beans , nuts, fruits and vegetables. These foods will help you find quickly a relatively slimmer belly.

9 ) Eat moderate amounts of protein

Do not eat too much protein , unless your doctor or specialist you have advised otherwise ( because some people need more protein in their diet than others) . Eat low-fat , more legumes , lean poultry (without skin or fat) cheese and fish . Eat eggs in moderation and reduce the consumption of red meat . Eating too much fat protein does not help slimming belly .

10) Make a test food allergies or watch the reactions of your body after ingestion of food

Weight gain - among others at the belly - can also be caused by health problems such as hypothyroidism, food allergies , Cushing's syndrome , a disease in an organ, taking prescription drugs, the anxiety, imbalanced blood sugar in the blood , a deficiency in essential fatty acids, etc. .

Allergic reactions to foods are not always visible immediately. They can occur several hours later as bloating and swelling of the / the belly, chin , hands, feet, ankles , eyes. Much of the weight is made ​​of a kind of water retention caused by inflammation and the release of certain hormones . Several tests exist to detect one or more food allergies , you can go to not impede the refinement of your belly.

A healthy diet should be a constant objective for you. If a meal is not healthy , make sure that the next is. If you overdo it for a day , eat less the next day. And do not forget to do more physical activity . Do at least 30 minutes at a rate of five times (or more ) per week can help you stabilize your weight, keep your health and have a slimmer stomach.

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How to Get Rid of my little Belly?

Say goodbye to your little rebel belly under the guidance of Jean- Michel Cohen. If, despite a slim figure , you keep a " tummy " that does not seem to flatten over slimming diets is that fat is probably not solely responsible . A large majority of women are prone to bloating and problems of transit effect, causing a little swollen belly . To minimize these drawbacks and regain a flat stomach , here are some recommendations to combine for optimal results !

Well hydrated for a flat stomach

To fully enjoy the benefits of fiber , it is important to stay hydrated so that the fibers can swell up by absorbing up to 20 times their weight in water.It is this great ability to retain water during their long journey in the stomach and intestine that increases stool bulk and accelerate intestinal transit.> Drink throughout the day : Limit the amount of water during meals (one glass ) taking the time to eat slowly (at least 20 min) and chew .

For a flat stomach, eating soft fibers

Dietary fibers are non-digestible carbohydrates that come from different food sources: its cereals, vegetables and legumes, fruits and oilseeds. Swelling in water, they increase the volume of the bolus and facilitate intestinal transit. Be careful though because the fibers can be irritating to the intestines if they are eaten raw or too much.

> Limit yourself to a meal by crudity and more fruits and vegetables peeled and seeded.

Walking to keep a flat stomach

Move is excellent general health and especially for the belly. Indeed sport causes action "massage" on the belly. Thus, it accelerates the transit and reduces bloating. Walking is recommended here because it is a sport for everyone. Not require special equipment, you can totally walk when you get home, going to the cinema, etc..

> So, finite transport, walk!

Probiotics allies a flat stomach

Numerous scientific studies have shown that certain bacteria (already present in our body) played a role in our metabolism and in particular during digestion. In case of intestinal dysfunction, it is interesting that consume daily called probiotics.

> Once a day, eat a yogurt with bifidus, Lactobacillus casei, etc.., To strengthen your intestinal flora.

Doing abs

One of the best ways to sculpt your body and erase the parts you still complexed sports, especially bodybuilding. So you have no choice, you must put the abs! Do some exercises every day to strengthen your abdominal muscles.

> Vary movements abdominal gym to activate all the muscles sculpt the belly transverse, rectus, oblique ...

Use slimming creams and food supplements targeted

I will add to all the good advice some additional support both psychologically and physiologically. First, the specialized slimming creams in abdominal curves and, on the other hand, food supplements anti-bloating or post menopause.

> Indulge. Do not expect a miracle but these products once pleasant inch to implement all previous recommendations.

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Melt fat: 18 tips for a fat melting

Melt fat: 18 tips for a fat melting
Melt fat: 18 tips for a fat melting

Melt the fat is the dream of many people. Here are 18 tips to get a nice fat melting .

When they want to melt the fat , many people are seeking ways to reduce local fat that is found in various parts of the body . They then devote much time and attention to exercises that are supposed to work specific muscle groups in hopes of melting the fat in these areas.

The problem is that there is no way to melt the fat in a specific area on your body. To reduce your body fat percentage , you must create a calorie deficit ( burn more calories over than you are consuming ) . A deficit of 8,000 calories is required to melt 1 pound of fat . To create this calorie deficit , you can increase your physical activity levels and changing your diet .

Live for years with a lot of fat in the body might seem inconsequential , or excessive presence of fat in the body increases your risk of various medical complications of type 2 diabetes, stroke, heart disease , high cholesterol , hypertension, cancer breast and prostate cancer , etc. . Fortunately, you can melt the fat relatively quickly As you make some improvements in lifestyle.

18 tips to get a fat melting :

1) Get enough sleep (but not too ) every night

Most adults feel rested after about 7 or 8 hours of sleep . Sleeping less than 5 hours or more than 8 hours each night can increase your risk of accumulating fat in the body if you are under 40 years , according to a U.S. study. Read the same time foods to eat and avoid to prevent insomnia here.

Get enough sleep regularly, get a good quality sleep can also help improve your mood and reduce your stress level . This also reduces your risk of accumulating fat because people under stress tend to have too high levels of the hormone cortisol , which is linked to the accumulation of fat.

2) Burning calories through exercise daily

Combine regular cardiovascular activities with 20-30 minutes of strength training at least 2 times a week will help you melt the fat in your body. Attach the goal of at least 30 minutes of jogging, swimming or any other moderate intensity exercise more than 5 times per week . Alternatively, aiming to do at least 20 minutes of vigorous exercise ( such as running ) 3 days per week .

3) Create a calorie deficit

You will melt the fat if you lose more calories than you are consuming . With a balanced diet and exercise you can burn without problem about 0.5 to 1 pound of fat per week by subtracting from 250 to 1,000 calories per day. Men should not eat less than 1500 calories per day. Women should eat at least 1,200 calories per day.

4 ) Include exercises to sculpt the abs every workout

While the exercises meant to melt fat locally , such as the abdominals , not only will burn as much fat as would cardiovascular exercises, they will help give you a more slender figure firming your abdominal muscles.

An easy exercise that targets your abs is the long jump without momentum. Start standing with at least 1.5 m of space around you . Keep your spaced the same distance as your shoulders two feet. Firm up your abs and lift your arms. Extend the shoulder height in front of your body and squat making sure your knees stay behind your toes. Once the abs and gluteal muscles engaged , jump forward and land in the same position of the knees. Repeat 9 more times.

5) Reduce consumption of saturated fats, trans fats and added sugars

Eat instead of these bad fats and bad sugars in foods rich in dietary fiber such as wholemeal pasta , brown rice , oatmeal , berries, citrus fruits, green vegetables, lima beans . The dietary fiber satisfies you longer and density of nutrients in plant foods helps to keep you healthy without compromising your goal of creating a calorie deficit . Read also the ten richest in saturated fats in another section foods.

Because you need a little protein in your diet , eat larger amounts of lean protein (including beans, nuts , tofu, chicken breast without skin). Eat fish, nuts, avocados , seeds and vegetable oils to incorporate good fats to your diet.

6) Start cycling often in the week

Although there is no way to melt the fat from the hips , thighs and buttocks , cycling can strengthen and tone your lower body at the same time as burn calories. Burn more calories can help you lose weight.

Within one hour of cycling , a person can burn between 500 and 1000 calories , depending on the speed and resistance . You can cycle indoors on a stationary bike to easily monitor the duration of the session and how many calories you have burned , or outside in any street or in the countryside.

7 ) Integrate stair climbing sessions to your daily workout

As cycling , climbing stairs works at two levels. Not only will you increase the number of calories burned, which can help you melt the fat, but this activity can also help you build muscle , bringing you the hips, buttocks and thighs toned once you have lost weight. Discover the same time various simple ways to spend 100 calories.

8) Find other physical activities that work the lower body

Dancing, hiking , do the walking , skiing skiing, etc. . can help tone the lower body , while burning calories to generate the calorie deficit needed to melt the fat.

9 ) Integrate abs , pelvic tilts, twists the trunk and other abdominal exercises in your workout program

Although you can not melt the fat locally , these core exercises can tone the abs , giving you a flatter stomach and less fat once you have thinner body.

10 ) Raise the dumbbells at least 2 times per week

Lift the weights may not burn as many calories as aerobics activity, but it can help build muscle . The added muscle increases the number of calories your body burns every time , which makes it easier to melt fat.

11) Reduce unnecessary calorie intake in your diet

As and as you increase your level of physical activity , you can often improve results in weight loss and melt fat in the hips , buttocks , thighs and abdomen by limiting your calorie consumption. Eat more fruits , vegetables and other nutritious foods can reduce your caloric intake and help generate a calorie deficit. Limit your portion sizes can also be beneficial .

12) Make the step

The step is aerobic and cardiovascular exercise at high intensity that can help you burn a lot of calories in a short time , so as to melt the fat easily . 30 minutes of step can burn about 400 calories while shaping your legs, hips, gluteal muscles. Many people find that step aerobics is a good activity because it can be done as a group with an instructor instructor who can keep you motivated and make sure you do well all the necessary movements correctly .

13) Try basketball

A person who weighs 70 pounds can burn 590 calories in an hour of intensive basketball, while a person who weighs 90 pounds can burn 730 calories, and a person who weighs 110 pounds can burn up to 870 calories. Basketball can also help strengthen and tone your arms , your legs and core muscles . And people who do not like to play sports that are competitive sports often forget that it exercises to melt fat.

14) Try squash

It is a competitive and challenging cardiovascular exercise in which a person who weighs 65 pounds can burn more than 800 calories in an hour , which definitely helps to melt the fat. Squash can also help tone and strengthen your leg muscles and calves. Many people who love sports competition prefer to play squash as repetitive sports like running on a treadmill or an elliptical .

15 ) Reduce your appetite by eating small meals throughout the day

Create meals with good sources of protein and rich in dietary fiber complex carbohydrates. Chicken breast baked with Brussels sprouts and steamed brown rice is a good example of this type of meal. Eat a small meal every 3 hours to melt the fat.

16 ) Drink a glass of water with each meal

This will help fill your stomach without adding calories , which greatly helps to melt the fat . Replace all beverages containing calories you normally consume with water to reduce your calorie intake . This will also help you stay hydrated .

17) Watch what you eat in the restaurant

When you want to melt fat , avoid foods and meals that are cooked in butter, covered with creamy sauces , and choked by melted cheese. Keep seasonings and sour cream to a minimum too. Order food menu that are baked , grilled or steamed . Look for specific marks that indicate that food is low in fat .

18) Doing Pilates

At home or in group classes , exercise Pilates 2 or 3 days a week to tone and firm the ventral area and melt fat in the body. Pilates exercises can force you to contract your core muscles while moving your arms and legs simultaneously. Invest in a DVD Pilates lessons if you do not like going to school with dozens of others.

> Tips and Warnings

  • Talk to your doctor before beginning any program of weight loss: even if you have to change your diet or increase your level of physical activity , it is always wise to consult a health care professional ,
  • Avoid smoking : people who smoke are more likely to store fat in the stomach in the thighs and hips , according to a U.S. study.
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Abs and flat stomach: 6 foods for abs concrete

Abs and flat stomach: 6 foods for abs concrete
Abs and flat stomach: 6 foods for abs concrete

Exercises and appropriate diet can shape beautiful abs and a flat stomach. Here are 6 foods that.

The road to abs and a flat concrete ( smooth ) stomach begins with your fork. Include the following six foods to your diet daily to sculpt your abs and get a flat stomach . These food products slimming powers will help to reveal the muscles covering your abdomen and tone the stomach.

I suggest you feed 6 chiseling concrete abs quickly and thinned belly:

1) A lawyer to fight against abdominal fat
If there were an Oscar for food carve elegant and fight the ventral abdominal fat, monounsaturated fatty acid is the winner of star lawyers nutrients, winning the award year after year.

A study has shown that people who diet and consume monounsaturated fatty acids ( good fat) lost more belly than those who consume the same number of calories but less of these fatty acids.

Another U.S. study found that when monkeys eating trans fatty acids (a type saturated fatty acid , which is harmful to health at high doses) , waist circumference was 30 % higher than the monkeys who ate of mono- unsaturated fatty acids .

EXPLANATION : peak levels of sugar in the blood can signal your body to store fat in your abdomen, but unsaturated fatty acids stop these peaks , thus thwarting fat accumulation .

Half an avocado ( medium) provides 10 grams of good fats . Dip vegetable slices in 25 g of guacamole for a healthy snack that will help you to reveal your abdominal muscles and your belly .

2 ) Green tea to boost your body

Everyone chocolate bars , abs concrete somewhere in them. Unveil your own by melting the fat that hides them . An American study has shown that drinking three cups of green tea a day can boost your metabolism and remove 30 more calories each day .

EXPLANATION : The ECGC ( a polyphenol ) green tea helps your body burn fat more easily. This additional expense can help you get rid of a pound and a half of body fat per year , just sipping green tea.

3) yogurt to lose weight quickly in the abdomen

Even close to being able to abs concrete and slender abdomen, a small burst of belly can cause you to hide your belly. Treat your small blister with probiotic -rich yogurt.

EXPLANATION : a small pot creamy encourages the growth of good bacteria in your stomach to take over other organisms that can cause bloating .

4) Blueberries for Fueling

The cardio , good for quickly remove grease , is an essential ingredient to develop fantastic abs and a flat stomach and smooth . In support of this type of training , antioxidants berries allow you a cut above in the state of your physical form.

EXPLANATION : antioxidants help to improve blood circulation and help deliver more oxygen to the muscles. When they receive more oxygen , exercise seems easier, and you can work out harder, longer and more often ( which of course helps to burn abs concrete more easily) .

Blueberries and blackberries are the best foods containing antioxidants . Try to eat on waffles ( made ​​from whole grains) or by wrapping them in a lettuce leaf with turkey .

5) bulgur (a kind of durum wheat ) to shrink the fat cells

Eat healthy carbohydrates . A U.S. study showed that diet followers who took whole grain dinner lost more fat in the abdomen that those who ate refined grains . 50 g of cooked bulgur provide more fiber (4 g) and fewer calories (76 ) than other grains.

EXPLANATION : fiber helps the body to maintain low insulin levels , which , according to Finnish researchers , would shrink the fat cells.

6 ) Milk Chocolate to create muscle

Change what you eat after your workout to have more chances of developing gorgeous abs and a thin belly. One study showed that athletes who drank chocolate milk had lower rates of muscle damage after four days of intense physical exercise than those who drank sports drinks .

EXPLANATION : a glass of milk chocolate combines carbohydrates and protein, which is a perfect snack to create muscle. Mix 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder or syrup (less than 20 grams of sugar , however ) to chisel concrete abs and slender belly.

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Causes of cellulite, anti cellulite treatments and solutions

Causes of cellulite, anti cellulite treatments and solutions
Causes of cellulite, anti cellulite treatments and solutions

The fat deposits under the skin accumulation gives an unsightly appearance. Here are the causes and the various responses to this problem.

At some point in their lives, most women (and some men ) are embêtées to a varying degree by the problem of cellulite. It is lumpy substance that makes the skin look on the thighs and buttocks curd or an orange peel .

Although his name may sound like a disease, cellulite is nothing more than a normal fat ( fat deposits more accurately ) that lie beneath the skin. This fat has a bumpy appearance because it pushes against the connective tissue within the skin, causing the skin located above it to wrinkle .

Recall that the connective tissues provide insulation and stability between different organelles to their proper operation without disturbing adjacent structures. Its composition is mainly made ​​of collagen , an elastic fabric having a high tensile strength providing the skin's ability to expand and return to normal .

Although cellulite is not harmful , many women ( 98% of cases because of the aesthetic problem affects them ) are ready to make a lot of efforts to get rid of , creating a large market for cellulite creams and other treatments promising smooth thighs.

For information , cellulite is also called the " superficial lipodystrophy ." Its scientific name is PEFS ( panniculitis oedemato - fibro- sclerotic ) .

Note also that although obese people may have a superficial development of lipodystrophy more pronounced , those who have less fat (and muscle by definition) have the PEFS only visibility less . Obesity is not in itself the cause of orange peel .

> Types

1) The first type of surface lipodystrophy is a compression or pinching of tissue in the buttocks or thighs. For example, the appearance of mattress on your thighs, especially when you sit with your legs crossed , may be associated with cellulite.

The compression chambers of fat cells under the skin is considered to be responsible for this, and is typical of almost all women.

2) The second type is the PEFS orange peel or mattress appearance of a woman can have in its natural posture or when it goes down.

> Causes

Although cellulite is fat, you do not mean that you are overweight . Slim bodied people can still have this type of fatty deposits in their skin, which gives a lackluster appearance of orange peel . However, if you suffer from overweight , losing weight can reduce the problem of surface lipodystrophy.

The main factor in the development of cellulite is simply being ... a woman. Genes play an important role. If other women in your family have a surface lipodystrophy , there is a great risk that you ayiez too.

  • Other factors that influence the amount of PEFS you and visibility include:
  • Unhealthy diets,
  • Genetics and heredity,
  • Smoking ( which damages the connective tissue) ,
  • Dieting trendy or too low calorie (causing the yo- yo dieting and weight regain and excessive storage of fat)
  • A slowed metabolism ,
  • Taking certain medications ( such as diet pills , diuretics , sleeping pills , birth control pills , etc. . )
  • A lack of physical activity ( a sedentary lifestyle )
  • Hormonal changes,
  • Dehydration,
  • The total mass of fat in the body ,
  • The thickness and color of your skin.

> Solutions and Treatments

Although there are many products and ways to deal with this aesthetic problem that promise to get rid of the thighs and buttocks, there is little evidence that most of them work well or for long . Here's what you should know about some of the most popular choices :

1) cellulite creams
Presented as capable of dissolving fat and smooth the skin , many anti -cellulite creams contain aminophylline , a drug prescription and approved to treat asthma .

There is no scientific evidence that this type of cream is effective against cellulite, and for some people they can be downright harmful . Their apparent effect on the surface lipodystrophy may be due to narrowing of the blood vessels, and the fact that they force the water from the skin, which could be dangerous for people with circulatory problems.

Moreover , aminophylline may cause an allergic reaction in some people.

2 ) Liposuction
It is a surgical procedure to remove fat deposits from the body. Liposuction is designed to remove deep fat and not cellulite ( which is just under the skin) .

The American Academy of Dermatology warns that liposuction may actually worsen the appearance of cellulite , creating more depressions in the skin.

3) Mesotherapy
It is a European therapy originally designed to relieve the pain of inflammatory skin disorders. Mesotherapy involves injecting substances such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes in the localized tissue just under the skin .

Although mesotherapy can break down fat and make a slight improvement in the appearance of cellulite, it is nevertheless a risk of side effects , including swelling or infection of the skin and irregular contours in some people .

4) Massage and spa treatments
Massage and other beauty treatments can have a temporary impact on the orange peel appearance of the skin, but they do not have the ability to remove cellulite. Any effect is short-lived and probably due to the removal of excess fluid ( water retention) .

Lipocavitation , lymphatic drainage, Hydro -Jet and rolling massage are examples of massage can help improve the appearance of orange peel and combat overweight.

Endermologie and Acoustic Wave Therapy are also other types of treatment acting skin contact (massage with a special machine in both cases ) .

5) Derma Roller to cause neo- collagen
This is a cosmetic surgery technique little known in France . It is designated by the technical terms " Dermaroller " or " Medical Roller" . This technique stimulates the means and deeper levels of the dermis ( it must be remembered in this connection that the cells produce collagen in the dermis ) .

This technique is the subject of many studies currently in the United States. The Dermaroller does not destroy the epidermis. After the first treatment , the skin begins its repair , the whole procedures repairs skin tissue is improved, and a neo- collagen occurs . So this is a summary of a restoration of the dermis. The problem is that relatively few medical centers offer this treatment in France .

6) The techniques of the future
Although current therapies are not really effective in reducing cellulite , doctors are trying to find new therapies using lasers and light sources to treat this aesthetic problem.

Procedure involves a red light-emitting diodes and / or infrared for transmitting certain wavelengths known to disrupt the adipose tissue , causing it to shrink. This procedure is combined with rollers (like the Derma Roller) and aspirations to soften the fibrous bands of connective tissue that cause the dimpled appearance of the skin.

7 ) Food readjustment and physical activities
Although the procedures of the future can keep their promise, for now, the best option is to make your healthy and balanced diet and increasing physical ( and if necessary lose weight ) exercise.

Experts agree that cellulite workout routine more effective is one that includes aerobic exercise and strength training with a diet high in rich in fruits, vegetables and fiber.

And even if you can not change the thickness of your skin (which is a factor of cellulite ) , food and athletic fit could help change its color. The surface lipodystrophy tend to be less visible on dark skin if you make the necessary adjustments in terms of food and sports .

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Calorie deficit and sport: the key to lose weight

Calorie deficit and sport: the key to lose weight
Calorie deficit and sport: the key to lose weight

There are two things to do to lose weight for sure, (re) discover them now to remove your unwanted pounds.

> How to lose weight fast? The basic rule is based on the calorie deficit and sport

If you spend more energy than you consume, you create a calorie discovered. If you eat fewer calories than your body requires to function, you also create a calorie shortage. More importantly it is the more you will melt your fat reserves so you will lose weight more quickly. This may seem logical, but it should be reported and insist on it.

Indeed, many people believe that it is essential to eliminate a particular food from their diet to lose weight successfully . But this is not necessarily the case as they can completely continue to eat the foods they like, with three requirements:

  • Prepare meals more evenly ( 10-20 % protein, 40-50 % carbohydrates, 30-40 % fat) .
  • Eating less or much less (depending on the calorie deficit you want to create and your daily energy needs ) .
  • Exercise more often (and not just once a week).

Create a caloric deficiency reducing your energy consumption by 15-20 % compared to what your body normally requires to maintain your current weight. Nevertheless try not to select too low calorie or restrictive alternative (excluding one or more food groups ) in order not to trigger the mechanism of protection in the anti- hunger organization .

Vary the daily calorie supply to not fall into boredom. Change your calorie intake every few days . For example , do 3 days low calorie absorption followed by one day the normal level. This will force your body guessing and will avoid the landing. Eat five or six small meals spread evenly throughout the day to maintain a high metabolism and prevent you from making differences .

Back on the importance of sport . You can burn energy faster by exercising regularly (at least 4 or 5 times weekly) . The sport also gives you so many more health benefits than to lose weight . Embed a sports training routine to your lifestyle can actually reduce consistently the risk of various diseases , especially those related to the heart.

Try dialing sessions based on cardio training and resistance training . Cardiovascular exercise will tone your body, and resistance training thwarts muscle breakdown while accelerating metabolism. Their combination facilitates obtaining a desired shape without damaging the health . Do not forget to practice interval training to lose weight while maximizing efficiency.

If you do one hour of sport to burn 500 calories while your body requires 1,800 per day to operate, and if you have consumed a total of 2,000 during the day , creating a shortage of 300 calories (for 2000 - 500 - 1800 = -300 ) . This may seem little, but if you keep this pace calorie deficit for several tens of days , your body fat will melt inevitably .

Similarly, if you only eat 1600 calories a day while your body spends at least 2000 per day to function normally (that is to say your metabolism ) , you create a gap of 400 calories (1 600-2 = 000 -400 ) . In fact , the more you cause a significant deficiency (in calories ) each day , you will lose weight more quickly.

> Lost 8000 calories = 1 pound of fat under

If you accumulate eg 20 consecutive days with a "discovered" 400 calories per day , you create a total shortage of 8,000 calories ( 20 x 400 = 8000 ) . And for all the lost 8000 calories , you will lose weight : 1 kg more exactly fat! To find the line , so we advise you to follow a weight loss plan suitable for sport more regularly.

However, do not submit your muscles too much tension by doing more exercise than what your body is capable of supporting . You can prevent sports injuries if you know the limits of your physical condition. Remember to stretch and warm up before you start a workout to maximize the benefits associated with the sport .

Do not try to lose weight too fast because you are likely to become disillusioned . For example, do not set the goal of removing 20 kg in 21 days. The means of achieving the objectives of unrealistic weight loss are actually harmful . They usually require an excessive intake of calories limitation ( in order to create a huge calorie deficit ) or exclusion of a whole family of food products.

For example you should exclude fatty foods in certain regimes, which believe in making you lose weight faster. But fat is essential for the body to make certain soluble vitamins can absorb . Without fat, the body does not get all the essential nutrients in optimal functioning . And you will suffer the consequences of nutritional deficiencies in the medium and long term.

These bad slimming methods usually leave negative marks on your body. They make you regrossir later by inflicting the famous yo-yo effect .

To abstain from regrossir , rather adopt a healthy and balanced diet. Likewise increase your overall level of physical activity. If you can drive the extra pounds while stabilizing for a long time , it becomes very interesting because having a weight just evades many diseases .

> What actually begin to slim ?

To lose weight quickly without suffering the yo- yo effect , or melt your kgs excess fat advantageously (before a birthday, summer vacation, or other special event, etc. . ) , First calculate your BMI to find out where is your overweight / obesity.

Next, determine your ideal weight. Once these parameters are known , you can deduct the amount of weight to remove unnecessary (and thus determine your target weight).

Then browse our listings plans and make your selection . How to lose weight fast? Keep in mind constantly for this, we must assimilate the rules of weight loss programs , as well as their interests and defects. If necessary, do not hesitate to document and further reading by buying books written by experts who developed these programs. A fat melting should not be taken lightly or done at the expense of your well-being , then go about it with the greatest possible scholarship. Do not play with your kgs as if you could then lose again indefinitely.

Slimming becomes simpler if you look at our thousands of health articles . Know the balanced and effective weight loss plans, see their principles and menus prior to hunting unnecessary pounds. Lose slowly and in a good mood to optimize your eating habits and healthier lifestyle . In fact, if you think an dependence vis - a certain type of food (eg if you are addicted to sugary foods ) , the period for weight loss can be a good opportunity to overhaul how to behave in front of these foods.

Whatever your choice , remember that your diet should be accompanied by regular physical activity , and possibly a medical monitoring (provided by a doctor, a nutritionist or diétiticien graduate ) . You should also get a tracking specialist for slim effectively. Any overweight (and especially morbid obesity ) should be taken seriously because it can cause a variety of chronic diseases and long-term ( what experts call comorbidities ) . And seriously, you will get by looking these professionals .

You regrossi after yet managed to lose weight fast ? Want to show others how overweight people lose weight without putting health at risk ? If you want to share the experience in your fight against excess weight , let your testimony at the bottom of our articles or join the conversation at our forum. Your experience will help others not to fall into the same traps and take the first good step.

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